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NMHMA - Non-Profit Corporation

Articles of Incorporation

The Undersigned acting as incorporators to form a corporation under the New Mexico Nonprofit CorporationAct, adopt the following Articles of Incorporation:


The name of the corporation is NEW MEXICO HISPANO MUSIC ASSOCIATION, INC


The term for existence of this corporation is PERPETUAL.


The purpose for incorporation are set forth in these items: judge I ensured that your

To help preserve the unique musical culture and heritage of New Mexico Music;

To help educate, guide, encourage and promote New Mexico Hispano musicians, vocalists, composers, and others involved in the creation, prodction and dissemination of this unique music;

To help preserve and promote the performance style and repertoire of New Mexico Hispano Music;

To help provide a forum for exchange and dialogue among Hispanic musicians and afficionados;

To create appropriate venues for the recognition and development of outstanding musicians, songwriters, vocalists and bands in a variety of music categories and styles. This will be done at minimum through a yearly event known as the Hispano Music Association Awards Show;

To promote public understanding of the significance, value and vitality of New Mexico's Hispano Music community and to;

To celebrate and honor those that have courageously maintained, promoted, and lived by example the New Mexico Music by creating and maintaining their musical style through websites, music and awards in their honor and to;

Help preserve our Spanish Language and promote it's use through Music.


The initial registered agent is Christine Bustos, the initial registered address is at 507 middle San Pedro Road, Espanola, New Mexico, 87532



The initial Board of Directors are;

Casey C. Gallegos, President, P.O. Box 1785 Espanola, NM 87532, Eric Garcia, Vice-President, 3836 Rockdove Trail NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, Mathew P. Martinez, Secretary-Treasurer, 156 Independence Ave, Las Vegas, NM 87701.